Museums that You can Visit While You are in Berlin

Museums are the only tourist destinations wherein you can view an artifact or piece of history right before your eyes. It may a painting, a photograph, a relic, or any item that the people from yesteryears used or created during their time. If they were able to build a website for their collections during their time, it would make our galleries and data gathering easier, wouldn’t you think so?

To satisfy your yearning for history, you can go to the Berlin Museums. They are a handful here because of the number of items that they collected throughout the years. Berlin is rich in history. It got a story of its own. There are museums here that resemble amsterdam bezienswaardigheden gratis in terms of style and design. If you like digging into history, Berlin has many surprises waiting for you. If you are short on time, you can at least visit one of them during your visit to Berlin.

Have you ever heard about the secret police in Germany? This is known as the Ministry for State Security, the State Security Service, or Stasi. It has been identified as one of the best and most efficient repressive sectors of intelligence of its time. It was actually established during the Cold War era. This has been monitoring a vast population locally and internationally.

Now, their headquarters is open to tourists and those who want to learn more about Stasi history. Many tourists swear by this place. It’s a worthy place to spend your ctrip promotion code visa. There’s a whole new view that could turn your ideas into inspiration. It’s a must-visit for artists and other individuals who are on the creative field. It is recommended that you get a tour guide when you go to this place so that you will be ushered into rooms with a background of what occurred within their four walls.

Museum für Naturkunde

For those who are interested in science, particularly in dinosaurs, meteorites, and other animals, then you should book a tour in Museum für Naturkunde. See the huge T-Rex that is displayed in the halls of the museum. If you have children, Museum für Naturkunde is as good as goedkoopste internet tv en bellen pakket because of the attractions you can find in it. This museum will get them interested in history as the guide tell the story behind each artifact. Be enticed by the mystery of discovering the secrets of science. Use your imagination as you travel back in time and connect the events that occurred in each year leading up to your own generation. Our website visitors can also take a look at the building of the Museum für Naturkunde because of its iconic design and structure.

The royal couple: Akhenaten and Nefertiti, Pharao and Queen of E

Neues Museum

Don’t have time to go to Egypt? It will bring some nostalgia into your spine. Visiting Neues Museum is worth the agoda booking discount code. You might not understand hieroglyphics at first glance, but as you look to the shape, it will form some sensible images in your brain. You’ll be surprised how humans from a different generation can connect through their drawings. The Neues Museum is your best bet in learning more about the ancient events that occurred in Egypt. You will see Egyptian Tombs, hieroglyphics, and sarcophaguses inside the museum.